Sunday, July 10, 2011

Making PHP much simpler: Spicing up your web sites!

Simple PHP! Well; have you ever wanted to spice up your web pages without having to fork over loads of cash? There are many, many tutorials on the web and videos about how to creat PHP. But do you really under stand them? I know of an e-book made by Robert Plank who teaches you simple PHP. Robert Plank teaches you in a way that it feels like your right beside him! He also has over 7 hours of videos showing you step by step on how to make your web site pop. These videos arnt youtube videos created by some teen geek. This guy knows what hes talking about.

Really if you are interested in learning PHP in a way that you can understand and wont be confused. Consider looking at this Simple PHP review. No harm done in learning a little more on a program, right?

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